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The Chagrin Valley assisted living facility for dementia sufferers is home to a fragile and ageing population. Punctuated by fleeting conflicts, confusion and long-awaited family visits, the day-to-day life of the residents drags on. Chagrin Valley is a caring enquiry into our relationship with old age and a glimpse into the substance of our collective dreams.

DOCUMENTARY, 2022, 62 MINUTES - trailer


Dok.fest Munich: Pitch Award 2019
Alexis Victor Thalberg Award 2023 : Main Prize
Visions du Réel, National Competition, Jury Prize 2023



2019, 67 MINUTES - trailer

Meet the millennials fighting back against unpaid work. Call Me Intern follows three interns-turned-activists who refuse to accept the idea that young people should have to work for free to kickstart their careers. Their stories challenge youth stereotypes and help give a voice to the growing movement for intern rights across the world.


Australia/New Zealand Premiere, Doc Edge Film Festival 2019

- Best New Zealand Documentary Film 2019

- Best New Zealand Documentary Editing 2019

Canadian Premiere, DOXA Film Festival 2019

- Nigel Moore Award

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