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A film that reveals an elderly home crystallized in the past where residents and workers explore their lives, deaths, dreams and fantasies. Chagrin Valley reveals the retrograde amnesia and collective fictions that make up the facade of modern-America, as well as our collective negligence towards those most in need of care - whether you have dementia or not.

DOCUMENTARY, 2022, 62 MINUTES - trailer


Dok.fest Munich: Pitch Award 2019
Alexis Victor Thalberg Award 2023 : Main Prize



2019, 67 MINUTES - trailer

Meet the millennials fighting back against unpaid work. Call Me Intern follows three interns-turned-activists who refuse to accept the idea that young people should have to work for free to kickstart their careers. Their stories challenge youth stereotypes and help give a voice to the growing movement for intern rights across the world.


Australia/New Zealand Premiere, Doc Edge Film Festival 2019

- Best New Zealand Documentary Film 2019

- Best New Zealand Documentary Editing 2019

Canadian Premiere, DOXA Film Festival 2019

- Nigel Moore Award

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